I have been experimenting with infusions lately. Something to do, something to try to spur my appetite and ease the pain. I’m attempting to document my attempts, so let me know if you want to play along. I’d love some recipe testers out there, bakers. Here is this one.

OMG I feel like utter crap. Dizzy as all get out, weepy, whiny. My head hurts whenever I move it, and I’ve got a cough, so.

Dr. Google has never been my friend, I know. Still, what else am I supposed to do to learn about my next upcoming still unscheduled surgery?

“Despite being a relatively straightforward procedure, cranioplasty seems to be remarkably prone to complications …”

So now I want to add a talk or a visit with the Infectious Disease Doctor, right? Maybe see about starting Vanco early? Get a PICC line in maybe?

I spoke to the surgeon’s assistant yesterday. I’m not supposed to even start the 3 week count until they have a conference with the place printing the piece about what materials to make it out of. Why haven’t they done this already? JFC (And I wonder if there is a way to infuse the piece with antibiotic drugs maybe? I don’t want another damn infection, and I’m going to the same hospital where I got one, although no one admits that. Why wasn’t I sent home on an antibiotic? They give you one if they remove a damn tooth.)

Frank made a flight for Disa anyway. March 6. It was never going to happen if we wait for a surgery date from the surgeon, so there it is. I’ll just deal with it. Who wants to bet they try for that date just to fuck with me?

Stina and Gaela aren’t real happy with our sudden home-bound status. They would like to officially protest. I’ve been doing some training with them as I feel able to move around a bit, and that’s been fun. I should work on their trick dog titles maybe?

New squeaky balls

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