Rest in Peace, Dad

My father died last night. I only knew him for just over a year because my insane mother did everything she could to keep me from finding him.

In April of 2020, I did a few genetic tests, and 23&Me connected me to a second cousin in El Paso who I contacted and she said I think it’s my Uncle Don and it was.

For the past year, I have had what I call a Pocket Dad. His hearing was pretty bad, but he was a great texter. He pretty quickly introduced me to my brother Dan, and we had a three way text chat going for a year.

It turns out Dan and I are only four months apart. Our mothers were both pregnant at the same time, and we all actually lived together for some time when Dan and I were babies. I really don’t know much about that time, but something happened and both our mothers made some sort of pact to keep him from his kids. I am quite bitter about it still and it remains a huge part of why I have zero interest in a relationship with my mother.

Thanks to Jeremy, I was able to fly to Phoenix for Father’s Day weekend last year and meet him in person.  Disa was nearing end of life at almost 16 years old and I just couldn’t leave her with anyone else.  So Jeremy flew here to watch them and the rest of my zoo, and I spent that weekend able to just relax and spend as much time with my Dad as possible and it was great.

I learned a lot about his life and it was interesting! He was pretty wild as a young man, doing the rodeo circuit, racing cars and singing in bands.  He traveled with Willie and often was a body double and also sang in his band.

I am so much more like him than my mother! She has only once said something to me about him and that was that I am so stubborn, just like him.  Good! That’s how I get stuff done, including finding him.  It just took 57 years.

He had a heart attack 10 days after we met, and this last year was really hard for him health wise. His body just gave out this last month, and it was time. I’m glad he is not in pain anymore. I sure am going to miss the daily chats we had.

Rest in peace, Dad.  I’m so glad I found you.

Me and my Dad