Not The End of the World

I am totally cheating and copying from Hangouts with Lili.

Update news is that it’s apparently going to take 3 weeks for them to make the plastic thing
She’s going to get confirmation on expected delivery date and call us back this afternoon (allegedly) with an update on surgery date
Lili • 10:08 AM
10:56 AM
I know
Lili • 11:03 AM
Especially on a bad head day
11:29 AM
We should probably do some question-asking about how they’re planning to do this surgery

This from a blog post about someone whose husband had what you’re going through:

“To compound my worries, Hugh felt dizzy, he was wobbly and often tripped when he walked, and he was cognitively impaired. As I waited for him to be “put back together,” I felt as if our life was on hold.
After three months, Hugh’s bone was replaced without incident; and within two weeks, he regained the use of his left side, his dizziness abated, and his balance stabilized. Somehow, having that piece of bone back in his head restored his equilibrium.”
I thought that was interesting and reassuring
and I don’t really understand why Glazier isn’t telling us that.

I at least did something today before my head is killing me. We visited a spot called “The End of the World“. The girls did great, had great fun, and the views were amazing. I got some needed shopping done, had a great sushi lunch, but that’s all she wrote. I took a xanax and am down for the count. That description of her husband describes me quite well, except Lili tells me I’m still cognitively okay. I’m feeling pretty depressed and sad, and I think the constant and getting worse pain is getting to me.

One more month. We of course haven’t heard about a possible date. I think my case isn’t urgent, so there is no rush at all.

I’m telling myself this will give my kids plenty of time for a ticket.

End of the World

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