Date for Cranioplasty

I guess using the right word is good — instead of saying they are finally going to insert the missing piece of my skull, I can just say that my cranioplasty date is set for 2/27 at Straub in Oahu. Yay.

All these cranio words. Craniotomy — when they went into my brain to remove the tumor. Craniectomy — when they removed the piece of the infected skull. Cranioplasty — when they reconstruct my skull. I’ve been warned that the recovery from this is going to be hard, but then I remember that they said recovery from the original brain tumor was going to be hard, and I left the hospital the next day. So it’s going to be a damn breeze. Right? Right.

This NIH article sure doesn’t make it sound like an easy operation though. Dang it.

The date for Disa to arrive is March 6th, which should be perfect. I probably won’t be able to drive by myself to pick her up, but I should be able to go with whoever to go get her. Right? Right.

I’ve left a message with my PCP to get my pre-op check-up scheduled. (She called back. Monday at 11. I hope my cough/crud that I have now is gone by Monday. I’m in full plague mode right now.)

I’ve left a message with the Infectious Disease doctor to talk about a pre-op PICC line of vanco.

The kids know the date, and I sure hope they can come be with me.

The end of the month feels so far away, but at least it is this month, and February is a short one.

I’m hoping I feel well enough today to at least go to the farm for a bit. The girls are bored. So bored! Although they did discover a rat’s nest yesterday that they thought was Big Fun until I made them stop playing with the little squeaky balls.

Hunting rats

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  1. Lisa you’ve been through so much, but I’m sure glad you’re here!!! I hope this month flies and your recovery is miraculous like the tumor surgery. Having Disa is bound to be the BEST therapy ever. Hang in there.


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