Wound Update

Lisa indeed had the wound cleaning surgery yesterday. While not a disaster, things could have been better. When Dr. Glazier opened up the scalp, he found pus coming out from under the bone flap. This was after two courses of oral antibiotics.

So, the bone flap is discarded, he cleaned out the infection, and the very good news is the infection does not appear to have gotten past the blood-brain barrier. The infection is being cultured to find an antibiotic that will work on it. Lisa is back in the ICU, and is looking at two or three more days in the hospital. She is back on the anti-seizure med, and dilaudid for pain. This is a minor miracle because it is an opioid and she is normally allergic to them. The bad news is that pain is worse this time. She will be discharged with an IV in, and will probably stay on Oahu for some time. Fortunately there is a small apartment over the Hawaii’s Local Buzz showroom in Honolulu.

Surgery to rebuild her skull won’t be scheduled for another six to eight weeks, to be sure the infection is really gone. Because Lisa is listed as signing for the dogs when they arrive, I will call the vet in Kona when they open, to see if that can be changed.