My morning walk

It’s so weird to have my mornings back. Instead of leaving the house at 5, I’m sleeping until 6.

My new routine has a morning meditation, some gentle yoga and a walk with the girls.

It’s unbelievably beautiful and private. I do get barely covered because I need a sports bra but I never see a soul.

Even Jazz comes along sometimes. She is so much fun and just thinks of herself as part of the pack.

I’m working on the garden most of the day and I love seeing all the progress. I really hope the belt for the mower gets here soon. The grass is growing so fast with all the rain.

When it gets hot in the afternoon we take a nap. Siesta time. I need a hammock and I’ll hang it in my shady grove.

Someone was going to come by and hook up my solar but bailed. Boo



1 thought on “My morning walk”

  1. It seems as though you don’t have a lot of contact with the outside world. These days that’s a good thing.




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