Productive morning

I’ve been up and at it today. I feel pretty accomplished as I take a break at noon.

My morning meditation got me a 30 days in a row gold star today. It’s really been a part of my self care for a while but it’s nice to have it feeling like a normal part of my day.

As I keep decluttering my place, I found notebooks with lists from months ago. It was really satisfying to be able to cross things off those old lists. That made me feel pretty accomplished at how far I’ve come since moving in here in July.

I spent most of the morning expanding the veggie garden. Moving piles of dirt around and digging up all that brush was a heck of a workout. I went through all of the seeds I already have and need to get into the ground. It’s so tempting to load up my shopping carts online with more but I’m so far resisting.

I’m trying to cook for myself like I would for someone else and putting it on pretty plates and sit down to eat it at the table. Today I made hash with an egg and lots of veggies and topped it with an avocado  because Hawaii.


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