My grandmother had huge hedges of lantana in her front yard and they always remind me of home. They don’t smell nice at all. They actually smell sort of stinky, to be honest. But I don’t care. I love them! I used to grow them in NH as an annual in my many window boxes. Here they are a weed but I still love them.


I don’t have very much shade here. There is this one cluster of xmas berry that is right behind my house that I am trying to turn into an afternoon oasis. I’m planting all of my shade loving plants there and it’s coming together slowly. I’m putting orchids on the branches and this week put a few anthurium in pots there to see how they like it  I want to get a hammock or a swing for afternoon naps


I’m still thrilled with the glads. Lots are just budding out now with just the red and purple actually popped. I was worried about how the would handle the wind which has been something else but they are just barely bent over. I haven’t staked any of them and I’ll just use them as cut flowers if I need to.

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