Perennial border

My perennial border is going to be amazing. I only have a few things so far but they are coming along so well.

All seven hibiscus are blooming today so I took a video even though it isn’t as tidy as I would like. I have one corner that is getting away from me because it’s sloped and I can’t get my new riding mower down there without getting stuck. Oops. I’ll figure it out.

I have purple, a double hot pink, sunrise, white, yellow and a double pale pink. Not a bad start!

I’m under planting with iris and gladiola which are just coming up. Amaryllis bulbs are next! I’m giddy at being able to grow them.

It’s going to be a riotous wall of so many colors and shapes and I love having what was in my head appear in my yard. So much fun!


I came home exhausted and not feeling well with a persistent cold that’s going around. Spending an hour fiddling with flowers while throwing a ball for the pups is just what the doctor ordered.

My garden in New Hampshire was amazing and I want this one to be as well!

Marlow garden

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