Two years of growth

It’s been two years since my last brain surgery tomorrow. It was the one that replaced the missing piece of my skull that I lost to infection with a 3D printed piece of food-grade plastic.

Every time I am bothered by my hair, which is often right now, I remember to be grateful that I have hair and I’m not going to need to shave it again.

There has been a lot of growth in those two years and not just my hair. I am learning to live alone. I’m handling all of the adulting required after decades of Frank doing it on my behalf and Lili and crew while I was an invalid.

I have literally started over from scratch. I had no home, no vehicle, no job and very little stuff.  It has been hard to recreate a life here while being brain damaged. I still feel quite handicapped cognitively but I can tell it is improving still which gives me hope. And I fake it well! Fake it ‘til you make it, right?

When I wake up on a day off and sip coffee to a beautiful sunrise in paradise, all thoughts about my mess of hair and this blasted cough which will not go away fade and I can see so much growth in these past two years.

My current mindfulness meditation intention is compassion and kindness to myself. Taking stock so I can see my own growth and learn what I want and need. Such a cliche! Midlife crisis? That’s ok. I’m enjoying this new life I have!

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