My Bernie Hoodie

I am a proud liberal Democrat and have been my entire life. I volunteered on Jimmy Carter’s campaign when I was 11, in red Texas. I took a summer seminar with Molly Ivans and Ann Richards when I was a married pregnant 18 year old.

I loved having Bernie Sanders as my senator when I lived in Vermont. I gave cash to his campaign when cash was desperately low in my own life.

The blue Vermont safety net was so much better than the red New Hampshire one. When the tree fell on me and I was uninsured? Yeah.

When they found the brain tumor, I lived in Red Missouri. I still have medical bills from that. Blue Hawai’i covered everything for the actual surgeries. Complicated multiple brain surgeries and I paid zero.

I’m glad to be a taxpayer again and to hope they go towards universal health care.

I am backing Warren right now and sending what little cash I can to her. If Bernie wins, I hope he picks her as VP. I’d really hoped Hillary had last time.

I chose Warren over Bernie because I hoped it was not the time for old white men of any stripe anymore. It’s really time to let women run things for a bit. If he wins, I am all in. Again.

It’s been a bit nippy in the mornings lately. I have looked longingly at wearing what used to be my favorite hoodie, my Bernie hoodie. I think I might let myself slip it on and see how it feels.

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