Delivery Day

Long day! I needed to leave by 6, set my alarm for 5, and was woken up by Disa barking at something at 5 minutes to 6. Yikes! Made it to all my crap on time, though, but what a long day. I really don’t like doing these deliveries. We’ll see how the money turns out — haven’t gotten any yet so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

I set timers to eat three times today, but I was busy every time it went off, and did I remember to eat? I did not. I was doing deliveries into freaking grocery stores, and still I didn’t buy or eat food. Dang it. I’m not hungry even one tiny bit, just tired, but I’m going to go to a friend’s for a bit and I know she’ll make me eat, not just drink wine, which is all I feel like doing.

I stopped a couple of times for the girls to stretch their legs and swim. I love having them with me. Have I ever mentioned that?

I have an interesting interview tomorrow at 10. I don’t want to jinx it, but it could be fun and right up my alley, so cross your digits and send them to Hawaii, please.

4 thoughts on “Delivery Day”

  1. It is hard to eat I know. When I was having radiation for my brain tumor the only thing I could eat was spicy Mexican food. Nothing else had any taste or desire and they wanted me to stop losing weight or the mask would not fit. Just eat a couple times a day even if you don’t want too. The struggle is real I know. But treat it as a job till you find something you might crave or at least want to eat. I have followed you for a long time now and understand what you are going thru as much as anyone can. I could have written some of your posts but I m now 5 years out and so far I am good. They said the radiation will give me a new cancer in 10myears maybe. Such a fun thing to look forward to so I live life every day.

    • I feel very lucky that I didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy, just a brain tumor.

      Cooking and food related stuff has always been a passion, so it’s really weird that none of it appeals, at all.

  2. Wht are you delivering,Lisa? I lose track of all your activities.

    It’s quite a change from pushing yourself to not eat to pushing yourself to eat. People who eat too much, or the wrong things, find it hard to connect with the mindset of people like you who need to force themselves to eat.

    • I’m delivering the products that we make at the farm to various grocery stores around the island.

      Losing my appetite was one of the symptoms from the tumor, and it’s a really tricky thing. When I say I have no appetite, I mean absolutely none. I don’t get hungry, nothing smells good, and food doesn’t really taste very appealing at all. Hopefully it’ll come back.


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