60 percent

What a long day. But the girls did their first day with the new fence that I put up around my friend’s house for all our dogs to enjoy. They have access to the house as well as a nice little yard, and from what she told me, it seems they mostly ignored the yard and slept all day. Alrighty then! But I’m still glad I did it. I feel much better when I’m gone for 10 hours to know they can get outside when they want to. It felt just like dropping my kids off at daycare. I even have a doggy bag that I leave with, just in case they need an emergency squeaky ball or chewtoy. Spoiled? What?!

One of the doctors last week did some tests on my short term memory, and I got the results today 60% on almost every one. Dang! Failing grades have never been my thing. But no wonder I have been thinking I have no short term memory. I don’t! Yikes. When I’m in the kitchen with lots of tasks in front of me, I feel almost normal when I can do one thing at a time and just knock them off. I’m trying to remember to cut myself some slack — my brain is still healing, rewiring. 8 months from the cranioplasty, and that was a hard one to recover from. Go me, I’m doing well. That’s my self peptalk to keep out the self scolding that runs on autopilot.

Interesting interview today. We shall see! It’ll be a couple of weeks I think before I hear anything.

I baked bread most of the day. We are going to start doing a “grab and go” sandwich thing for folks to take to the beach. We are right next to a really popular one, so it could be a nice little side business if it takes off. Here’s hoping.

I’m exhausted, though. All day on my feet, an hour drive each way. I did eat a breakfast burrito filled with veggies on the way in, and a piece of veggie loaded pizza on the way home. It’s barely 7, and I can’t keep my eyes open.

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