Out of whack

I saw a bunch of doctors today and maybe what happened wasn’t a seizure. My blood work looks like someone with a very bad eating disorder — electrolytes all out of whack, blood sugar of 35, low on every vitamin and mineral possible. Oops. If I only had an appetite. Iron is a little better, though!

This is all fixable, though. Appetite stimulant, and a much more urgent task to get nutrients into my body. (ugh. Not having an appetite sounds so innocuous, and is actually awful.)

All of that is way better than a seizure though. I was so depressed all weekend thinking about how limited my life would be if I couldn’t work or drive.

I’m an almost 20 year out bariatric patient, so what I do eat is already not getting absorbed well, by design. And my stomach is tiny, and because I don’t eat much, it’s tinier than usual, so I fill up really quickly. Tricky, tricky. But way better than a seizure.

I used to eat so well! Grew all my own food and all that. I’ve got to figure this out, though.

The girls enjoyed the drive to Waimea and back. I stopped a few times along the way to let them get out and run around, swim. Tomorrow, I go Hilo side, with a really early start.

(Dang it. I’ve been picking at my dinner for an hour and it’s only about a quarter gone. Ugh. Cold and unappetizing now!)

I’ve joked that I’ve been living on coffee and wine, but it’s been true, and now I’ve got to stop that! If only stern talking to made my appetite come back. Ugh.

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