And another one

Sitting on a rock, watching the girls swim in one of our favorite little hidey holes, suddenly it’s as if I’m watching through a television, and the world got smaller and smaller. I could still look around, but it was like seeing the world through a straw. Lots of pressure on the back of my head, right side, same as the other day, then lots of confusion. No panic this time. No one else was around. I stayed there for about an hour after it was over, then went about my errands for the day.

First stop was my old primary care doctor, to get them to send my records to her new place, up in Waimea. They won’t schedule an appointment with her there until they get my records, and her old place doesn’t have any appointments with any of their other doctors until April. No referrals until seen by a new doctor, so I guess I’m going to drive up to Waimea to see Jenny Sullivan as soon as I can. At least she knows my history, and I guess I can do deliveries when I’m up there, anyway.

I played telephone tag all day with Glazier’s office. I’m not sure what they want, obviously, because I never got in touch with anyone. I hate the thought of starting anti-seizure meds without consulting someone other than the ER doc the other night. Dr. Google is so not helpful.

I don’t want to be having seizures, damn it.

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  1. Oh hell! As you said. So sorry to hear this and the doctor shortage doesn’t help much. I am wondering if you should be driving? I am worried to think of you driving around doing deliveries in case something happens while you’re behind the wheel! Good luck and stroke those lovely girls for me.


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