28 years

Frank and I were married 28 years ago today. Still are, though probably not for long. I felt like I should note the day, anyway. We need to get moving on the divorce paperwork.

I hear that it’s normal to be a bit depressed and mopey after a seizure, and I sure am feeling it.

I have two doctor’s appointments on Monday — one to see about my iron levels, to see if I need more infusions, and I got in to my PCP. It’s amazing how quickly they moved to make it happen when I about threw a fit.

I told both kids about the stuff, and they were both sympathetic and kept telling me to stop apologizing. Right!

I made the first payment on the lot in Ocean View. That feels amazing. I’m buying land, all by myself. I’m both excited and nervous. So much to do, so little money, lots of time, many ideas.

2 thoughts on “28 years”

  1. Well, Happy sort of anniversary. C and I just celebrated our 25th back in October. Well, celebrated in name only. No big fanfare, just like the original wedding. H. Will wasn’t there this time, nor Kait.

    Maybe in another 25 years we’ll get the celebration thing right. So, getting back to you, last we heard, Frank was moving to HI after getting the animals moved back in MO. That’s not on the agenda anymore?


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