Hang on

What a rollercoaster today has been.

Early this morning, OT and PT revised their recommendation to sending me home with outpatient rehab instead of in patient. I improved a lot in two days, apparently.

They didn’t like the look of my scar later, however, and put the brakes on discharge. Too much fluid buildup, and he didn’t like the redness and tenderness. So they did a needle aspiration right in the room.

A Xanax, iv diladuid, and 10 minutes later it was done. It’s been sent to the lab to check out, and we won’t know anything until tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m back on IV vancomycin, which I can feel tearing up the IV. Big Fun.

If it’s fine, I go home tomorrow. If not, I jump. No?

2 thoughts on “Hang on”

  1. Oh shit! I hope the results are good, and you can be home soon, but of course you need to get properly ready and well before you do, or you’ll be back there again, perhaps. Fingers and paws crossed over here for you xxx

  2. I hope there is no infection. I know they worried about that for me too. I know and understand what you are going thru as well. Mine was 2013 and while I still have side effects I am mostly back to my old self. Deaf on the right side and a few balance issues mean I can’t do everything I used to do but I enjoy life. You are not alone in this struggle, though at times it seems that way. I have three other friends who reached out to me with similar issues. I know everyone’s battle is different but keep up the good fight and live life every day.


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