Oh Shit.

OK, last night, Chris was was cleaning her wound, and she passed out when he pressed on a fluid pocket.

The local ER gave her drugs and punted.

Phone consult from Honolulu with Glazier in the morning did the same. She sees him in Kona on Monday for stitches removal.

Later that morning she passed out in the shower, as soon as the gentle warm water touched her skull.

She has people that love her, and the docs got nuthin. We’re all standing by.

Scott and Lisa in the ER

8 thoughts on “Oh Shit.”

  1. This hurts my heart to read, Frank. I can only guess about the gamut of thoughts and emotions you and your family are experiencing. May there be some light and peace and healing as you go forward together.

  2. Speaking of shit, I hope the doctors get theirs together FAST ! There’s A LOT of people out here in cyber space that love her too. Thanks for the up-date. Sending positive energy to you all. xo xo

  3. Oh no shocking news. Please keep us updated. Thinking of you all. Sending love and all positive thoughts for Lisa and you all.

  4. What the heck? Punting when she’s passing out???? Makrs me boiling mad. Praying for you all; those of us in her cyber world love her too!!!


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