Day 5 Post Op

So much happens so quickly.

My fever is gone, yay. There was much speculation about where it was from, but all the cultures came back clear, so.

It isn’t from rejecting the synthetic bone material in the skull piece they are sure. I have no swelling there, no redness, so that’s all good.

I blew yet another IV, big fun. They brought a wizard in from her day off to work her magic to put another one in. Hopefully 5th time’s the charm.

I had a good night, slept 6 hours and woke up feeling great. Then I could feel my face swelling in real time. Not unexpected but there was some worry at first that it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic or the pain meds, so that was a fun hour.

OT and PT don’t think it’s safe to release me home. I tried that walk like from the first surgery, and even with a walker, I’m too dizzy and weak. So disappointing!

So now the plan is rehab. These folks will send someone to interview me to see if we are a good fit.

Onward! Disa comes on the 7th and I want to see her so badly.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Post Op”

  1. You need to think of you . . . Can Frank come and help with Disa? Your son? Your body is telling you baby steps now Lisa . . . go slow and easy. When you are finished healing . . . you are pretty much in the clear. I would not worry about Disa . . . but I know you are . . . I hope your husband can join you now . . . you need him here with you to make this easy . . . it is your life. If not . . . can you wait a week to send Disa out when you are better. Shit happens . . . want you to heal . . . no worries . . . sending tons of healing thoughts.

  2. So glad to hear you came through the surgery okay and not rejecting your fake skull! Take it easy, and as violet says, listen to your body, and please don’t jeopardize your health by running to far too fast 🙂 Disa will be there waiting for you. And we will too, though not as furrily close as her.


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