The other side

Getting to Honolulu for the surgery was one of those fiascos where if it could go wrong, it went wrong. I was such a wreck that I burst into tears probably a dozen times. Me, the well seasoned traveler!

Surgery on Tuesday was long and uneventful. Somewhere there is a photo of my cyborg head but I have not seen it yet.

The pain is worse out of all three brain surgeries. One reason is the synthetic bone putty that surrounds the implant has a burning sensation while it knits it all together.

Also the scalp had shrunk some and had to be stretched and manhandled a lot to make it fit. Hell of a way to get a facelift.

I’m getting very used to this cool gadget. It’s an infrared vein finder. I’m blowing IVs at an alarming rate and I’m what they call a hard stick. My arms look very scarily bruised all over.

I left ICU yesterday and immediately spiked a fever. Too soon to be from the surgery, they say, and I’m on vancomycin. They are culturing the blood to see what grows.

There is some worry I’m rejecting the implant material.

No walking yet. I’m way too wobbly, dizzy. The spirit is willing!


One really good thing is that the super anxious sense of foreboding was gone immediately. Whew! So pain management and the fever are the current focuses.

2 thoughts on “The other side”

  1. Lisa,

    I am SOOOOO very happy that everything seems to be working out for you unlike the start of the travelling to the hospital.

    The only thing I am going to stay to you ( and to others in the past ), it IS time for you ( no matter how hard it is to do ) is to take BABY steps and let your body TELL you when enough is enough and it is time to REST !!!!

    Once again, I am so happy for you, Frank, your son and of course the girls !!!!

  2. as always, overwhelmed by your bravery and strength of spirit. radiating as much glitchy lobe as i can. tou


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