Getting Real

I finally got the travel arrangements for my flight to Oahu. Early Monday flight, 8:25, so I’m getting picked up by a driver probably at 5:30 in the morning.

One night in my favorite hotel in Oahu, surgery on Tuesday. She told me they are planning a five day hospital stay. I can imagine needing to stay that long, but we’ll see.

I got the last work thing that I was trying to get accomplished before surgery finished yesterday, and I’m doing a bit of menu development for my post healing kitchen. That’s so exciting.

What’s your favorite sort of specialty deli type of sandwich?

We’re so lucky to be where we are right now, the girls and I. I’m doing a lot of laying around, watching the ocean. It’s a great way to not move my head very much. The girls are learning to be Hawaii dogs now, though they still drink far too much sea water. Gaela loves chewing on found coconuts and they both are obsessed with chasing mongoose all over the rocky areas.

Stina Coconut

6 thoughts on “Getting Real”

  1. Sandwich idea …

    French stick
    Soppresetta salami
    Hummus (instead of butter or mustard)
    Brie (instead of cheddar)
    Cucumber (instead of lettuce)
    Salt and pepper


    Roasted chicken chunks
    Squeeze of lemon
    Salt and pepper


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