Getting Realer.

It’s getting realer. (Or more real, whatever.)

Scott buzzed off all my hair and I’m all weepy. To be honest, I was weepy before, but dang it. I was enjoying seeing how it all grew in again, so different. Gray and curly, turning red in the parts that are in the sun. I sure am the best place for that, right?

Early ride out to the airport tomorrow and then stuff gets crazy. I’ll post when I know the surgery time. All good thoughts are so appreciated. I don’t know why I’m more nervous this time than last? I feel like I sure do tempt fate a lot, dang it.

Buzz cut Last night, I had a glass of wine in a bubbly bath and it was perfect.

Tonight, I’m just going to sit on the lanai and drink wine and watch the sunset and try not to think about stuff too much.

Inside my head is not a fun place right now. Too much pain, both physical and metaphorical, but this too shall pass.

9 thoughts on “Getting Realer.”

  1. Thinking of you and your four legged friends basking on the beach….not too much longer and you’ll be back doing the things you love. xoxox

  2. As a long time follower of your blog I hope you find peace and joy from your family, friends and pets during your recovery. As an especially silly thought when you watch Christmas Vacation you’ll have much in common with Cousin Eddie and his government plastic in his skull. Hopefully you will not have the same problem with the part in you hair. Get well soon.

  3. You’re still smiling, and beautiful. Imagine how big your grin will be when you’ve recovered ! Good luck in your surgery, and after.


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