I lost my phone a couple of days ago, and Jeremy is making sure I get a new one. I am going to try Google Fi. It’s going to be a bit before it gets here, going to Missouri first because I could not convince it to accept a Hawaiian style street address. I’m going to keep the 417 number because I finally have it memorized.

I’m going old school and phone less until it gets here. It feels weird. I’m using my old camera for photos, but neither of my current devices can read the type of card it takes. Dang it.

I had location sharing on that phone, because everyone always wanted to be able to find me in case I passed out or something. Now I’m going to be unreachable and invisible! Feels odd.

Pounding relentless headache the past few days. I wake up with it, and I’m back to having to barely move my head if at all possible.

Hair My hair is growing in curlier than ever, and changing color in the sun, per usual. Just in time to get it all shaved off again, which is bumming me out some. I’m just now starting to just blend in again. I’m not minding the gray all, funny enough. It’s mostly in front, temples and on top.

I did manage to get all my pre-op stuff done. Saw my PCP. She doubled my happy pill and I’m hoping it helps my weepiness. I got the pre-op chest x-ray and bloodwork done. I’m anemic and need to eat more, per usual. I’m at the put food in my mouth and have to spit it out before I upchuck it stage again, sometimes. But then I ate a decent breakfast today, after almost nothing yesterday. Loss of appetite is such a bitch. I finally remembered to have my b-12 shot, after missing it a couple of months. Oops.

Farm stand I’m getting really excited about the kitchen that is coming together at the farm stand. Soon I’ll have a kitchen! It’s been really fun to plan and test recipes for breads I will bake and what sandwiches we want. With a surgery date finally set on 2/27, I’m wondering when I can be open for business. 3/1? NO? But …

I’ve been binge watching the Great British Baking show and it’s filled my head with so much stuff. Fun. I have such a hard time just laying around and doing nothing.

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