Egg Head

I got a call from the travel folks at the insurance company, scheduling a day trip to Oahu for the scan that will give them the dimensions needed to 3D Print my missing piece of skull. (Sentence I thought I’d never say!) So now I know that there is no surgery scheduled and it must take some time after to get it all done. That’s not surprising, but it is disappointing, since the surgeon’s assistant thought it might happen early next week. Oh, well. I’m keeping on taking these baby steps, and some day, it’ll all be done, amen.

I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I can’t move my head at all because it just hurts too much. That makes me paranoid, of course, that the tumor is back or something, or the infection, but everyone assures me it’s not that, it is just that the scalp is touching the brain, which is not meant to be touched.

By request, I crudely outlined an egg resting in the hole. That’s an extra large chicken’s egg for scale.

IMG_20180122_152335832 Egg in my headHow deep the hole in my head is

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  1. Awws. So sorry sweetheart! Why can they just print the damn (or blessed) piece and go head snd install it as soon as it as is out of the damn printer??????!!!


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