Slowing down

IMG_20180102_140552490I walked around in what I thought was a slow and gentle fashion for a few hours early yesterday morning. Then I did a little baking, a little visiting, and then went to the farm for dinner. EVIDENTLY, that is TOO much, and today I must do much less.

So no driving, and mostly staying off the computer and phone, to try to get this headache to dull even a tiny bit.

I vacuumed the house and puttered around. Clearing clutter makes me feel better.

I only walked around the block with the dogs, nice and slow. We are having much fun in the house with squeaky balls.
New ball New Ball

Happy 2018!

1 thought on “Slowing down”

  1. Lisa,

    I used to tell someone that she needed to take ” small baby ” steps and if you will allow me, I say the same thing to you with the same love I did her. You have come SO far in the past year ( I think some of your Doctor’s heads are STILL spinning ) so why blow it by rushing with large steps.

    Yes, I know it isn’t easy to slow down when you have always been a ” go getter ” all your life, but please, PLEASE take those baby steps so we and YOU especially can be around for MANY, many years to come!!!!

    WE all care for you and wish you all the speediest recovery, but ” speed kills ” and WE all don’t want that to happen to you until at least your 90 years+ old….

    All the best for 2018 Lisa, the gang and Frank……



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