What a year

I was looking back through my album so cleverly called “me”, to see if I wanted to set up a slide show or something to commemorate the year.

Rocking my purple caneWheelchair Me


Then I hit that page, and decided to just quit. I’m not sure how much I want to look back at the year. It was a very hard and strange year. I went through so much! It was such a rollercoaster, man. I don’t think I want to reflect that much on it anymore, because I’m still sort of living it.

My tumor was found on February 8th. That date is seared into my brain. When I called it the Year of the Brain Tumor, I guess I’m going to have a full year, because I’m not done with it all yet. One more surgery, with no date set for it yet. Hopefully I’ll find out this week.

I have so much to be grateful for! I’m alive. Without the surgery, I’m not sure I would be right now, that’s for sure. That thing was pressing on a really vital vein in my brain, and I could feel myself slipping away.

I’ve had so much pain this year. I wish it was something you became numb to, but it definitely doesn’t work out that way. I have smoked so much weed! It is quite literally the only thing that takes the edge off. It will be nice to be able to do that for fun again some day.

I’ve met so many new people. Lots of new places. I miss my family. At least I have two of my dogs with me now!

Disa is next. This month for sure.

Sometimes I feel like a teenager again, wondering what I want to do when I grow up. It’s been a year where I have spent more time on my own than any other time of my life.

Being in Hawaii is amazing. The Big Island is like the wild, wild west. It’s very rugged, raw. It’s not the beaches and party life that I had in my head before I got here, that’s for sure.

I’ve always been of the school that says spend the first day of the year doing what you hope to do more of all year. So, baking, taking the dogs hiking, and dinner at the farm with Lili, Scott, Megan and Chris. That sounds like a pretty great start on what I hope is a great new year.

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