Still holding

I remain in limbo, unfortunately. Now waiting for insurance pre-approval for the scan, finally have the specs. No date on travel for it, and whether or not I will just stay in Oahu and have the surgery, or come back and wait and fly again.

I may have developed some adhesions at the dura and the scalp. My head feels very strange, especially when I move, my pain is bad, I’m light headed again. It all sucks and I seem to be also a whiny, weepy mess.

South PointI’m not doing much. Having the girls is very helpful and comforting.

Frank borrowed some money to send Disa, but is now the right time? Why can’t things be easy.

See? Whiny.

But I did discover the maker of these fabulous dresses I’ve been finding here. Jams World. I want half of what they make. Not only are they my colors and style, they have working pockets. A lovely vendor at the local swap meet is searching her haunts for me and selling them for $3-5 each, always the perfect size.

New Jams World dress from swap meet

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  1. Stay strong and take one day at a time. I hated fighting with insurance during my treatment. Sometimes the Doc just has to call and get it fixed for you. I am 5 years out from my treatment for a brain tumor but remember it like it was yesterday.


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