PICC line is out

PICC line So the PICC line removal was really no big deal. I didn’t watch, but Lili did, and it was over in just a couple of seconds. I could feel it come out, and my chest area is a little tender today, but all in all, it wasn’t bad at all.

The thing is thicker than I thought it would be, though. Now I know that the distance from my right elbow to my heart is 38 centimeters, through an artery. Not sure what I’ll do with that fascinating knowledge, but there you are.

I was hoping for the longest shower ever, but they want me to keep it compressed and dry for 24 hours first. Boo.

I’m glad to have it out. Hopefully, it won’t take the warned two weeks for the side effects of the vanco to disappear. I am really tired of feeling like I have the flu.

2 thoughts on “PICC line is out”

  1. Happy for you ( and the gang ) that the line is now out at it won’t be long before you jump into that nice warm shower!!!!

    Take Care !!!


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