Tomorrow, tomorrow!

IMG_20171206_120821629 I’m down to two more infusions of vanco — one today, one tomorrow. The home health nurse is set to appear at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, just as the last infusion finishes, and she’ll pull the PICC line. I am so ready. I hear it’s 30-40 centimeters long. Ugh. Not sure I want to watch it come out, but I am interested in seeing how long it is. It goes from my elbow all the way to my heart. Sort of creepy!

I’m really enjoying the new red Tilley that Jeremy got me for my birthday. It makes me want to wear red every day to match it. I also got new red reading glasses, and despite everyone thinking they are broken, they are Clic glasses, and I love them so much. I also have some in purple.


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