Whee, wheels!

2001 Chevy S10 Something good came from craigslist for a change. I got wheels! A little POS 2001 Chevy S10 tiny truck, but it’s my POS now. Chris came with me to check it out and says it’s worth it. Here’s hoping. The girls will get to keep their muddy paws out of other people’s cars now, which makes me feel bad. This truck will be covered in mud and dog hair in no time at all. It really only needs to get me back and forth to the farm, 8 miles away.

Things I need to do: get it registered, get it inspected, get it insured, get the front headlight bulb changed, replace the hood release handle or put needle nose pliers in the truck. Figure out a way to keep the glove box door closed or take out the bulb in there. Get wire to attach the front plate. Empty the bunch of old metal in the bed that so helpfully came with the truck.

Maybe some paint for the very rusted hood? Everything rusts here worse than in salty New England because of the volcanic ash in the fog, or VOG as it’s called. They say that the island takes everything back to the aina, the land.

If it turns out to be reliable, there are things I want to go see: the top of the mountain! I hear I could visit snow. The girls would really like that.

The northern part of the island, where the resorts are. I want to get us into gift shops over there.

The ports where the ships come in, ditto. I want to meet tour guides.

The airport where the helicopters land, ditto.

Mundane places: bank, groceries, DMV.

The girls would like a visit to Petco. They would love a trip to go swimming.

I wish I had my bike. I’ve seen several lovely places to ride and now I have a way to bring my bike. Not that I could really ride a bike yet. I can still hide an egg in my skull. Blerg. No wonder I still have a dang headache, ugh.

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