Five more days

My trip to Oahu yesterday was pretty routine for me at this point. I know the way to the airport, I’m figuring out the terminals and parking, and I’ve got the miles around the hospital well committed to memory which I find pretty comforting. I hate being lost.

I saw Glazier first, and all is well. I have three small bits of stitches that are working their way to the surface, but he wants to just let them be. They itch, but at least that’s all the itching is from. I was worried. I won’t see him again until the 8th of January when he comes to The Big Island. Assuming I don’t show any sign of recurring infection, they’ll order the part to replace my missing skull bit, and schedule surgery for February or early March.

The Infection Disease guy was next. Since I don’t have any actual ulcers, just a very irritated digestive tract, I’m going to finish the planned program with the vanco, until the 7th. Oh Joy. Do a liquid diet until then if I must, to which I am including beer and wine. As tired as I am of feeling like I have the flu, he really wants to do the whole regimen. Fine.

Oh, yeah. As I was leaving the house at 4 in the morning to catch a 6:15 flight, Gaela jumped over the railing on the second floor lanai (deck) onto the roof below, trying to follow me. Yikes! I went back and hauled her back, closed that door, and reassured them I really would come back. Poor baby! She is still very confused. They got picked up and taken to the farm and spoiled rotten, but they are still very unsure of all of this change.

Walking homeWe did a nice walk early this morning, up the hill a mile and a half, and then back again. I love having the downhill part be the way home. That’s something that’s never happened in my entire life. Also, I have to keep reminding myself that that is ocean at the end of the road. My landlocked self is still amazed.

There is a climb of 500 feet in elevation from this house to the belt road (Highway 11) that goes around the whole island. There is a swap meet there every Saturday that I quite enjoy. One vendor in particular picks out the best dresses for me, and they are usually around $3. I love it. Today, though, all I got was a pomegranate. But, hey, a pomegranate! They grow here and I can’t wait to get a bush. My grandmother had one in her backyard in El Paso and I love them so much.

Squeaky ballThey are far more relaxed today. I actually had two squeaky balls going for a while, and lots of playing with both of them. But at some point, they always decide that one of the balls is the best ball, and spend much time trying to get it away from the other. I think that without Disa around, both of them are getting far more time to play with the ball than ever before, and having much fun doing it. Disa doesn’t willingly share squeaky balls. 🙂

Gosh, I miss her!

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  1. Do you have a scheduled “arrival “ date for Disa? She must be so lonely . . . or perhaps she likes being an only child 😉


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