Passing time

Banyan tree My ability to get lost while walking streets laid out in a lovely grid still sort of amazes me. One of my appointments today was to the Infectious Disease guy, and the entrance was behind the building. When I came out, I thought I knew exactly which way to go, and was of course incorrect. Go, me! They really didn’t install a sense of direction in my head, sadly. But I walked through a cool park with banyan trees all over, which are very neat. All is well with that guy, and his assistant is setting up the company who will supply the vancomycin to me on the Big Island and supply someone to deliver it, teach us how to use it, etc.

I seem to be having every possible side effect. After the infusion, I feel awful, like the flu. (ID guy gave me a flu shot today, which I wasn’t sure about, but it’s done.) By the time I make it back to the hotel, I’m sick to my stomach, exhausted, and usually go right to sleep, which means I’m not eating much. Today, I stopped on the way and brought back some sushi, and ate a bit before it all hit. I see him again in three weeks, whereupon I really hope I’m done with the antibiotics.

I really must be back before the 16th, when the dogs show up, and I talked to the insurance company yesterday to see if they could help with the circular firing squad that seems be happening between the surgeon, the ID guy and my PCP. That seems to at least made some movement toward getting me home start.

I see Glazier tomorrow to have my sutures removed, and hopefully, he’ll release me to go home now, but who knows.

Crochet time I have so much free time that I’m catching up on all my reading which is lovely, and braved Target and Walmart in search of some yarn and a crochet hook to help me pass some time. I’m going to make an arm sleeve to cover up the PICC line, which will make me feel less conspicuous, I hope.

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  1. Upside to getting lost in the pretty park. I have lovely yarn I should send you. Praying you are headed home very soon!! Just tell the doc the best medicine on earth is arriving on the 16th and you can’t miss it!!


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