Spring, sprang, sprung

Sutures No more sutures So my stitches are out! I worried about it being really painful, but prepped with a Xanax and half a pain pill an hour before, and even managed to keep a latte down so that the pills would work. It really wasn’t too bad except at the very deepest part of the valley in the V-shaped portion. It doesn’t really show from this angle, but it’s pretty deep. That is most likely what is causing my headaches — the scalp is touching the dura mater. It feels the exact same as when the drain was in, and there really isn’t anything to be done about it until they can replace that piece of bone.

I’ve now been given the all clear to go home, and I was up all night fretting about the circular fire squad action that seems to happen when stuff needs to be coordinated between three doctors, an insurance company, and the company who will do the infusions on the Big Island. But to be honest, it wasn’t that bad today. I only had nine phone calls before it was all straight, and everyone was very nice and helpful. I’m leaving on Saturday evening, after my infusion, and PharmaCare is supposed to show up with the vancomycin at the farm on Sunday to teach us how to do it.

So, yay! I’ll even be home for my birthday on Sunday, and then the puppies arrive on Thursday. YAY! I’ll see Glazier next week in Kona, and then need to return to Oahu in three weeks to see the Infectious Disease guy, but only for a day trip.

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