On being infused

A new PICC line So I’m out of the hospital, staying at a hotel about a mile away, so that I can return to the outpatient center every day for a 90 minute infusion of antiobiotics for this blasted infection.

Quest HMSA is putting me up at that hotel, and will also pay for a taxi to take me there, but ever since Lili returned to the big island, I’ve been walking. It’s a mere mile away, I have nothing else to do, and when the Orange Blob visited Hawaii on the way to Asia, the roads and traffic were awful.

scar While Lili was here, she came with me for an infusion to see how complicated it is, or isn’t. The nurse had a hard time making the PICC line work, and I felt she was really rough. But for whatever reason, it hurt really badly that night, and I called the ER nurse that morning, and went to the Outpatient Center as soon as it opened up. They sent me right to the Radiation Department, who decided the best thing to do was put in another.

Fun times. I decided to go back on the happy pill, and I renewed the Xanax prescription as well. I decided there is no point in toughing it through. Better living through chemistry. I was pretty happy with how quickly my PCP got them called in, and picking them up here was just a matter of sitting around and waiting. I’ve got lots of time. The waiting area is outside right next to a Starbucks, and I’ve been treating myself to my favorite iced venti latte, plain. Mmmm.

Right arm PICC lineBut I have a shiny new PICC line, now on my right arm. My left arm is still pretty sore, but the bruising is healing pretty fast. I’m paranoid about the new one, of course. It doesn’t exactly feel good. It is above the elbow, but I can’t decide if it hurts less to have it straight down or folded up. I think the best is to wear it one way until it starts to hurt a little, then change it, wash, rinse, repeat. It is definitely usable, in a way the other just became unbearable. This new one has a plastic flat piece right over the insertion, and that at least makes me feel better.

So I’m doing things that don’t involve using my right arm, like trying to sit around and watch movies. Television is awful. Staying off the computer.

One of the nurses told me about a good Good Will Thrift store, and I visited there yesterday. I only have one pair of shoes, so found a few sundresses that match. They don’t match my one hat, woe. I’m awfully fem for my butch haircut.

For the insurance to pay for meals, I’m supposed to take a taxi to a different hospital cafe, where the food is as horrid as Straub is. Oy. Their menu looks good, but the food is awful.

There are plenty of places around here to eat, and a small kitchen in the room, so I’m avoiding as much hospital food as I can. My appetite is fine, and I’ll feel better about eating if I can do a bit of gentle walking every day.

I think I’m going to find a sushi place en route today. My appointment is at 1:00. I’m trying to decide if I should wear my hat even if it doesn’t match.

2 thoughts on “On being infused”

  1. May I suggest wearing the hat… you don’t need skin cancer !

    You look great in all hats… no matter what they’re paired with !

    Cheering for your wellness, regardless of your attire ! ( Which I may say, I have admired on many occasions. )

  2. Hello dear Friend,, i suppose it is out of the question to visit the beach on occasion. There are libraries in Honolulu too. If you have no p look ace rlse to go, maybe librsry eould be a good place to go. Let me put my mind on this . You should not be having to desl with this turn of events under such stark terms.


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