Getting Sorted

Frank here: Lisa is typing on her phone and asked me to finish this for her. Please ignore clashes in the auctorial voice.

I’m doing much better, yay.

Physical and Occupational Therapy have declared me passed. I can walk and move my body as if I didn’t just have a second brain surgery. Go, me. Note, she got out so fast last time she never got to that point in therapy. She is also eating regular food and walking around.

I have no neurological defects. My pain is getting controlled. The pharmacist had a long meeting with me, after having read many medical records, and declared me “very interesting”. Apparently she also had a small hit of fentanyl in the first surgery with no issues. Apparently the ‘fentanyl patch’ which tried to kill her in Keene also has another ingredient which could be the actual culprit. They have compounded a special version of dilaudid for continuous infusion for her, and have high hopes for a far better night tonight. She also got a donut pillow which should her sleep better.

She met with the infectious disease doctor and got much good information. They have chosen the antibiotic for her, once again compounded specially since it is usually provided orally. They will teach her how to administer it herself. The headaches and nausea she was having were because the drain was rubbing on the dura mater. The drain wasn’t needed and has been removed. The headaches went away immediately. By the way, given the horrendous rise in hospital derived (iatrogenic is the technical term) diseases, the medical profession needs to get on the stick with a four syllable name for the specialty.

She got a care package from the Big island, so she now has clothes and toiletries and such. She met with the social worker who explained that there is a shuttle that can bring her in from the Local Buzz showroom. We’re pretty sure she could take a bus, but it would need a transfer and no one at the hospital thought that was a good idea.

Last and best, she won’t need to stay on Oahu until her surgery. They said two or three weeks, she’s shooting for her birthday, which is the 12th. That will have her there to pick up the pups, which will be best for all four of them.

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  1. Ok, so I’m a bit confused or maybe I missed something. Why is ther going to be a second surgery? Is it just for the infection? Or for the bone flap to close up? I’m very much non-medical so I wasn’t aware any of this would require additional surgery.

    • The second surgery was indeed just for the infection. Otherwise there would not have been a second surgery. However, because the bone flap was involved in the infection, it was removed. So now there needs to yet another surgery to close up the hole in her skull.

  2. Thankful to hear things are improving. She’s still a rock star at this even during the setback. Beyond elated she is able to be there for the arrival of the dogs. We all kow that healing power will boost her recovery!!!!


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