Heal, baby, heal

Today's scarI got really disappointed this morning when I woke up because my pillow and towel were a bloody icky mess again, as was my face and neck. So gross, worrying, so I sent photos to Frank and headed in to the farm, where Scott cleaned it all up.

He said it is looking better, but there is still puss and seeping, so I called that report in to the surgeon. One more day of watching it and tomorrow will be the halfway point in the 10-day antibiotic regime. I am really really really hoping to not need to go back to the hospital, dang it.

The x-ray results are good — no infection in the bone, everything looks like it is knitting back together ahead of schedule, so that’s all good.

Coming in grayI told Jeremy that if he wants to know what he’s going to look like when he goes gray, he should see me now! I think I’m going to have quite a bit of gray, at least at the temples. I mean, I am almost 52, so to be expected. I’m enjoying watching how it changes the way I look. I’m still hoping for some actual streaks of white/gray that I can play with.

I also want to find a good site where I can try on hair styles. I’ve got the perfect blank template right now. Anyone have a favorite?

Yes, that’s a duck on my shoulder. Dory Doodle is such a little doll and most of what I’m doing around the farm is showing her off to tourists. I’m also starting clicker training, because why not? I need to get back in practice so I can start with Doc, too. When I was trying a bit with him, he spit out every single thing I tried as a treat — no thank you! Not food motivated at all. But he likes me, so I’m using attention as the reward, with some results. He’s such a smarty pants.

Disa and her daughters Speaking of dogs, have I mentioned how much I miss these girls? Oy. I’m busy scouting out places to take them, things to do. One more month, I can wait, but man it’s hard. Disa is going to turn 10 next week! I’ve been working on her birthday mosaic, and going through that album a lot. She was such an adorable little munchkin! I got told this morning that the Dog Fund is “trending” but I’m not quite sure what that means. Thanks so much for all of it.

6 thoughts on “Heal, baby, heal”

  1. Any topicals being used, Lisa? There is a topical antibiotic that comes in a tube, called improving, by prescription only. The only topical I hear that kills MRSA other the other bacteria out there. Are your Antonio’s oral? Seems to me that getting them by IV may need more efficacious. So sorry.

  2. Excuse me … My perfectly spelled prose got garbled by this program. The topical antibiotic is called!

    Mupirocin. By prescription only, etc.

  3. Having no health advice to offer, I will comment on something I know more about: hair! I think of the gray at my temples as my racing stripes. Also, though I am dying my hair *sigh*, I have streaks of gray purposely left at the front of my part/cowlick; colorist guy says it looks “edgy.” 🙂

    Hoping the infection heals so the main head-related thing you have to think about is your hair!

    – From a fellow 1965 baby


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