Mixed Update

I woke up this morning happy because there was no leakage overnight, yay. I had a rough night, though, awake a lot and tossing and turning, very hot and sweaty. I managed to pick someone up on the way to work without getting lost, thank you the nice lady in my phone.

Today's scar The scar is looking better but isn’t better. There are a few swollen spots, and a little puss. My temperature is up about a degree over the last few days, at 99.4. I’ve put the call into the surgeon’s office and will hope for the best. I’m going to ask if I can use diluted tea tree oil. It works so well on everything else. I’d rather try first before another round of antibiotics, but who knows if that is reasonable.

Disa and her daughters I got the first distribution of $1,500 from the GoFundMe Dog Fund and managed to deposit it with the mobile app, go me, and thank you all very much. The hardest part was finding a pen to endorse the check. Living in the future is fun.

I can’t wait until they get here and find out that we have sticks here, too! They’ll be so thrilled. And there’s a Petco! I need to stock up on squeaky balls.

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  1. Oh Lisa, you dhold be on intravenous anti-biotics, with a cumture taken to make sure they are giving you the most effective one. please Please either return to Honolulu or go to hospital on big island do they will know you are coming and why.
    This is not just something fot oral antibiotics, you need to be getting thm by IV NOW,


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