Being more gentle with myself

Lisa from frontLisa from the side I saw Glazier yesterday for my first post-craniotomy check-up. Because I have an infection, almost the entire visit was focused on that, understandably, and I didn’t remember to ask him very many of the questions I have. Oh, well! I’ll be seeing him again in a month.

He cleaned up the wound pretty thoroughly, sent me to get an x-ray so he could see if the infection had made it into the bone, and I guess I’ll hear from him if it did? I find the images sort of fascinating, and I’m thrilled that there is nothing to see in the middle of my head, since the tumor was found on an x-ray originally.

The antibiotics seem to be doing the job. I didn’t have any seepage or gunk all over my face or pillow this morning, so just compared to yesterday morning, there’s a big improvement. He wants it to be better by Wednesday afternoon, or I’ll probably have to go have IV antibiotics. I have sternly warned my head to get with the program, because I do NOT want to go back to the hospital.

He told me to be more gentle with myself, doctor’s orders, and that I’m not released to normal activities yet — probably next month. NEXT MONTH?! Oy.

Disa and her daughters I was thrilled to get a date from Frank for getting the girls here! I’m so excited. November 16th, right after my birthday, United Airlines. They’ll fly from Kansas City to San Francisco, spend the night there (for an additional $100 each, ouch), and then on to Kona the next day. They are all together on the flight, which is awesome, and hopefully help them when they can see and hear each other, my big babies. The Dog Fund crossed the $2K mark yesterday, very exciting, so I guess Frank believed we might actually make it. Thank you all so much. I cannot wait to see them again! We promise to video when I get them, but warning, I’m going to be a very hot mess.

4 thoughts on “Being more gentle with myself”

  1. Yes, indeed – be gentle with and to yourself and let your body heal! That’s a tough one, isn’t it? Good job, keep it up, and what a phenomenal story and recovery.

  2. Don’t assume not hearing anything from the doc is good news. Get a definitive answer. I found some other guy’s test result in my records and i had a positive result for GI bleeding filed and not mentioned until I looked at my records and asked about it. “Mistakes were made” happens all the time even with the best of intentions.

  3. I considered my small donation an investment in future puppy videos, so I’m glad you are thinking about making some. 🙂

    Wishing you a quick end to the infection, and ways to cope with reduced activity levels!


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