Poor Pillow Both sides of my pillow looked pretty dramatic this morning. I decided to head straight up to the farm for consultation before even a cup of coffee. I actually slept twelve hours, sleeping until 8, which for me is a miracle. I’ve been waking up before 5 every day previously. I of course got a speeding ticket heading in. DAMN IT. Murphy’s law, right? God I hate him.

Infection So yeah, infected. It’s pretty swollen, seeping all kinds of crud. We called the on-call surgeon, sent photos, and even though I’m seeing Glazier tomorrow, poor Lili had to drive into Kona to pick up two antibiotics, which I’ve already now started.

I was feeling fine, actually. I worked back up for the farm stand for a little bit, but then started getting over heated, so came in and took a nap on an ice pack. I also started getting a headache, and I’m sad the nap didn’t help it. I’m of course totally paranoid about headaches, even though this one is in totally different places — temples, back of head.

I mean, when is a headache just a headache? I’m glad I’m seeing Glazier tomorrow, but I’m sad he won’t see how well I was doing just two days ago!

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  1. Hoping the headache is related to the infection, the antibiotics take effect quickly and this is a minor bump in the road.


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