Different type of weepy mess

Muscovy ducks I’ve been doing a lot of duck wrangling lately. We are in great need of a better set up for raising ducklings until my girls get here. We have hit 2/3 on the dog fund! Thank you all so much. Frank needs to explain where we are on dates and such, because I get upset when he tries to tell me if it’s not tomorrow. I miss my girls! And I have work for them to do.

Weepy scarI’ve also got the scratches and bites from being able to work outside again. Yay! I put some tea tree oil on them today, and will try some honey if that doesn’t work.

I woke up with a dark pink spot on my pillow case this morning about the size of my fist. Not dark like blood, but lighter. I’ve got a spot that is swollen and puffy and weepy, and they are helping me keep it clean and warm compresses. I am SO tempted to put tea tree oil very diluted on it, or honey, but I’m not doing anything at all until I see the surgeon on Monday. 30 hours, self! It’s so itchy.

If only I could let Doc groom me like he wants to!

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