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It’s 10:30 a.m., I’ve been up since 5, and I’m on third breakfast. I’ve eaten four bananas, a bowl of hippie oatmeal, a bowl of corn chowder, and I’m working on a smoothie. Someday, maybe I’ll catch up! It’s hard to believe I had that much of a deficit, but evidently I did, because I’m not gaining weight despite eating everything in sight.

On the way to Hilo I’m feeling well enough to tag along with folks doing their regular routines. Yesterday, I went with Chris to Hilo, and he stopped and showed me different beautiful spots along the way. I’ve always lived in landlocked locations — El Paso, Marlow, Vermont, Missouri — so I’m fascinated with all the water. It’s all so gorgeous. I handled an entire day of running errands, shopping, etc. without feeling tired or anything. I did go straight to sleep at 8 when we got home, but still. Not too shabby for just three weeks from surgery, right?

I’m feeling a bit weak and saggy — like I want to start lifting weights, going on long walks, etc. I will wait until I see the surgeon on the 9th, but I bet I get released to do most things. Here’s hoping.

I’ve even been thinking about yoga, something I’ve always wanted to do but never have. I’m hoping to find a gentle yoga class, someone who can deal with my bad back as well as the recent brain surgery.

Speaking of which, I decided that I’m all done with all of the meds. This week was supposed to be the final week of everything, but I just had enough of everything sometime over the weeekend, and I just couldn’t make myself swallow another pill. I was a bit worried about it, but I think it was all slow enough that I didn’t even notice anything, and I’m so glad to be done with it all. I was going to stay on the happy pill until I saw my primary care physician, but whatever. Even that was something I decided I didn’t need, and nothing bad seems to have happened. I’m such a rebel, but man am I glad to be back to just me, myself and I, no medical support necessary, thank you very much!

Me and Doc Besides, I have Doc to keep me on my toes and happy as a clam.

Thank you all so much for the Dog Fund money! In one week, we are over half way there! I’m not sure anyone believed we could raise this kind of money, so it’s all amazing and I’m so grateful. I’ve been hearing from people who I haven’t heard from in years, with such nice notes about surviving this tumor. I’m really enjoying catching up with folks.

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  1. Hello, love! It’s so grand to see you so free and smiling!

    You will probably be able to find a yoga class nearby, and if you’ve never taken yoga perhaps it’s best to start with an actual teacher. But there is an app called Down Dog that I use on my phone, that guides me through a great yoga routine. Since I recently contracted pneumonia on top of recovering from treatments for lung cancer, I had to stop completely (dang! I was getting so strong!) about 5 weeks ago, but am now strong enough that I wanted to try. Went back to the app, and found one of the flows they can build your session with is “Restorative”. It’s pretty gentle! A great way for me to ease back into it.

    But if you can find a local class that will be very gentle for you, that might be a better introduction, so the teacher can guide you on proper positions. And you can meet some new friends 😉

    So good to see your amazing recovery! So glad you never gave up!

  2. So very happy for you. You are truly blessed which only solidifies where a wonderful attitude will take you. Enjoy everything you are an inspiration to many.


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