Ducks and Dogs

One of the little luxuries I afforded myself when I had the tumor and wasn’t expected to live was that I quit paying attention to politics and the disaster that it seems the country is in these days. I told myself that it was no longer my problem, y’all were going to have to figure it all out without me, and I needed to focus on saving my own life. So I stuck my head in the sand, quit reading the news, unsubscribed from so many different email lists and such. La la la la I can’t hear you.

Now that I’m all better, every time I start to re-engage I wonder why I’m doing it. Do individuals really make a difference? I’m not sure that I’m going to participate as much as I did before, but it feels beyond selfish to stay inside my little bubble of happiness while the world burns.

On the other hand, sometimes the best that I can do for other people is to post things that aren’t horrid and awful. It at least gives glimmers of hope that everything doesn’t completely suck.

So in that vein, I’m carrying on carrying on.

Litter Three Today is Stina’s birthday — Disa’s third litter turns four years old. Happy birthday to everyone! This was Disa’s last litter, seven gorgeous puppies, four girls, three boys. I just love hearing from everyone about how they are all doing, getting updated photos. It gave me a bunch of smiles to browse through that album today, and I hope it brings some smiles to other people as well. I miss all the girls so much. The Dog Fund reached the half way point today. Thank you all so much! If we only raise 2K, I think Stina is the second one I’ll bring over. She is pretty sure she’s my best girl, and Gaela is very bonded to Frank.

Dory the Duckling Here in Hawaii, I’m focusing on raising a little orphaned duckling, Dory. She is beyond cute and I’m enjoying having a baby to raise up. She follows me around like a puppy, and I’m exposing her to children, men, women, wheelchairs, etc. so that she’ll be a real asset at the farm stand.

Who can resist a darling duckling? Not me. Doc (our African Gray parrot) already says her name and quack quack. He’s so funny. He’s jealous of me having another bird to pay attention to!

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  1. Individuals are the ONLY thing that makes a difference. The hopeless nihilists who neglect themselves and others are the ones that set the world on fire. You do you boo ❤️


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