Pinch me

swap meet find I drove myself to and from Ocean View — first time driving since I started having seizures. I haven’t had so much as a single dizzy spell since the surgery, and it feels good to start doing all of these normal things again. I stopped at the swap meet on the way because come on! Look at the really cute dress I got. I got four totally adorable sundresses, and I’ve been twirling them all about all day long.

Working at the farm stand was really fun. Mostly I introduced the birds to everyone, which is so much fun. I’ve got a little orphan ducking Dory who has become very bonded to me and is ridiculously adorable.

I still must look like I’m recovering, and I’m never sure how much to tell people. No one can believe I’m two weeks from a craniotomy, of course, but I sometimes feel compelled to tell people how I got here, why I’m staying. Sometimes it’s like I need to tell it again so I can believe it’s all really true, not just some nightmare that I had that was so vivid!

Pinch me, right? I really am here in Hawaii with the rest of my life to figure out? How cool is that.

We are so close to half way on the Dog Fund. Thank you all so much!

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