Plans and more plans

Some of the local people around the farm who knew I was off to have surgery are amazed at how well I’m doing. Heck, I’m amazed at how well I’m doing! I know, I’m supposed to be taking it easy, but honestly, I’m not even needing an afternoon nap at this point. Someone told the local paper about me, and maybe they’ll run something. I think I have something to say.

My incision is starting to itch … yeah. That’s my biggest “complaint”. I almost let Lani pick at the scabs before I came to my senses. It would have felt so good!

I sort of wish I could get off the anti-seizure meds faster, but I guess I’m just being impatient. I don’t feel ill at all.

I remember just after I found out about the tumor in February, I started getting suicidal thoughts — if I drove off the road here, it would look like an accident and no one would know. I went straight to my PCP, and she put me on a happy pill for the first time in my life. Who knows if that was caused by the tumor or by the fact that I had a tumor? But the pills did make those thoughts go away, and sometimes, I’m sitting here feeling so happy and content, and I wonder how much of that is from the happy pill, and when I should taper off of those too.

It’ll be nice to get off of all the drugs. SOON.

So I started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds to bring me my girls. You are all so encouraging and sweet to help me get these girls here. They’ve got all the waiting and testing and such done. It’s just the actual cash costs for the flights and vet inspections on this side and such that is so expensive. I can’t wait to show them the ocean! And the farm. I’m ready to start hiking with them.

Greenhouse We have a huge problem with mongoose and rats here on the farm, and I bet my girls will get us sorted in no time at all. I want to bring Icelandic chickens here as well, but not until we get the mongoose under control. They are everywhere, and it’s so discouraging to watch the duckling counts go down if we don’t keep the babies locked up tight.

When I was trying to talk myself into a nap yesterday, I instead started watching clicker training videos on youtube for parrots. I’m going to have so much fun.

My eyes are still changing since the surgery. I think the tumor was pressing on a bunch of nerves that controlled my eyes, and they haven’t quite figured out what’s up yet. Sometimes I need reading glasses, sometimes I don’t. I think I’m going to wait a month or so and then go see an eye doctor.

I have so many gardening plans! I am really missing all my gardening tools. Frank understandably isn’t going to be sending them to me, since he too is gardening while he closes down the place in Missouri. As I am making plans for things to do (propagate hibiscus! plant vanilla!) I keep forgetting that I won’t ever have to worry about winter and snow again.

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