2 weeks post craniotomy

2 weeks post-craniotomy Um. Look at how quickly that scar is healing! Wow. It’s barely going to be visible at all. When I touch it (which I can’t stop doing), it’s barely raised at all. My hair is growing back really softly — feels like peach fuzz. For some reason, I thought it was going to be spikey and rough, but I guess not. Even the itching is better today, and I didn’t scratch off any scabs or anything.

I remain ravenous, eating to capacity six or seven times a day. I’m craving all the fruits and veg, and still with the bloody meat. I haven’t eaten crap in decades, and I’ve always healed quickly, but this feels crazy fast to me. I actually feel well enough that despite today being a mere two weeks from a full open craniotomy, I’m hoping to work the farmstand like a regular actual employee.

When I was trying to make myself take a nap yesterday, my brain was instead thinking of all the possibilities that I have now. Do I want to start a cafe with all my cheffy skills? A foodtruck? A bakery?

Grown-up girlThank you all so much for the cash! It takes about a grand per dog to get them here, so I was thrilled beyond belief to wake up today to see that we’ve already raised $750. Disa is going to lose it when she finally sees me again. She turns 10 years old next week, and I honestly thought that she and I were going to leave this earth together. That tumor was killing me, and I promised her that I would wait until she got here before I died. So now that I get to live, she is just going to have to live forever.

If we can raise the whole amount to bring them all over together, it’ll be slightly less expensive because we can combine vet fees, and such. I miss them all so much.

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