Rollercoaster Ride is Over

Megan seems to be much better today. Thanks for all the good thoughts! I’m not sure anyone knows that the actual problem was, but at least she feels better. Hopefully just a bug, and not one that I get, too.

I, on the other hand, feel absolutely fabulous. I am ravenous — I ate, no kidding, almost 20 ounces of rare grassfed beef yesterday, no forks or knives necessary. Two bananas, an apple, and then I cut up a dragon fruit, intending to share it, decided that if no one saw me open it up, it was all MINE. I am craving veggies madly, eating everything in sight.

Challah I felt obligated to make challah this week, even though Lili doesn’t observe most Jewish holidays. Okay, I admit, it’s my favorite bread to make and I’ll take any excuse!

I keep trying to think of something besides food but it’s not happening. I have not really been able to eat all year due to nausea so I guess I am making up for lost time. I have been eating until I am full, taking a walk, eating again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s like the rollercoaster ride I’ve been on is actually over, and now we just walk away from the ride. It’s sort of anticlimatic! No deficits, no pain, not a single thing except this big scar on my head to know that I actually went through anything.

No staples

5 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Ride is Over”

  1. I just can’t fathom how amazing this is and really, it isn’t at all anticlimactic to those of us you are sharing with. It’s pure joy to know you are feeling this fantastic!!

  2. Wow. As my people sometimes say, chazak chazak v’nitchazek: may you go from strength to strength (more or less). I will still be thinking of you during the prayer for healing, but reading about how well things have gone has been wonderful. 🙂


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