Bad day

Ugh. Not a good day. Spent the morning so sick to my stomach that I couldn’t even get any of my meds down. I was most concerned about the seizure meds because I am ALL DONE with seizures, but just the tiniest bit of water would give me the dry heaves for 20 minutes. So gross. I came home, slept the day away, and woke up feeling a bit better. Googling around I saw a suggestion of pickle juice for nausea, and dang if that didn’t work. I at least got the seizure meds down.

Lili brought over some wrist bands good for morning sickness, and I wore them all evening and they seemed to help. Chris and I watched the Harry Potter prequel and it was really good.

And as if that was a horribly hard working day, I’m exhausted and off to bed already.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day, amen.

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