Bucket List

I get asked all the time what’s on my bucket list. I’d never really had one, to be honest.

I’ve only come up with a few things.

Visit Iceland. My fascination with Icelandic critters has introduced me to some wonderful Icelandic friends, and through them, the beauty of the country. I’m pretty much terrified of flying again (so painful to my head), but it is one of the few places I’d like to see.

Hot air balloon ride — something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I even paid for us to go up in one when the kids were 10ish and I got a bunch of local advertising for my company at the time, but then the weather turned out horrid and it got cancelled. Boo!

I sometimes wonder if I should do one of those DNA tests. I haven’t a clue who my father is, and often wonder what a DNA test would show up. I think my kids would be interested as well. I’m pretty sure he’s dead by now, but it might be interesting to see that side of the family tree.

None of those feel particularly urgent or important, just the only things I could think of when asked what’s on my bucket list.

That must mean I’ve done a lot of what I’ve wanted to do in my life so far, or that I’m not very ambitious, or something. I did so much travel when I was selling software that I think the travel itch has been well and truly overdone. And then we simplified our life so much as we left New England, cutting down the critters and the farming to a much more manageable subset. Once Frank gets here with the dogs (and hopefully cats), I do want to start my Icelandic chickens again. And I’d love another litter of puppies.

I miss my dogs SO MUCH. Frank said something about the lab having the wrong chip numbers or something … I really hope that doesn’t reset the clock. I’m really counting the days until September when they are supposed to be able to come here.

Doc I’ve always wanted an African Grey parrot, and now I’m living with Doc. He’s great. He’s my new boyfriend. I love to hang out with him, and he’s copying a lot of things in my voice. He’s such a neat dude. Frank’s always wanted a cockatoo, and it’ll be very neat for him to meet Lani. She’s awesome too. She gets very jealous when I spend time with Doc.

I’m not feeling well again today. Blerg. Headache and nauseous and gross.

I keep reading about the keto diet making you feel great, energetic, etc. I’m ready for that to happen, please! I am really tired of feeling really tired all the time. It’s so not me.

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  1. The Family Finder autosomal DNA test at Family Tree DNA is $89, well worth it, and very easy, just a cheek swab. Very good chance of identifying unknown family, over time. More and more people test all the time. I say test now, and even if you don’t investigate it, make sure your kids have the login info, and they can look into it at any time. Best to have the oldest possible generations, so your results are more useful than your kids’ tests. There is a great FB group called DNA Detectives to help people find unknown parents or siblings.


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