I had a much better day today, whew. I wore the wrist straps that Lili bought yesterday all day, and didn’t get nauseous at all. I didn’t get hungry either, of course, but one step at a time.

I got a walk-in appointment at a dentist and had a tooth pulled this afternoon. I’ve got two more to get done, but at least one is out. They found the infections in the teeth during the CAT scan when they first found the brain tumor. The last thing I need is an infection in my head, or any other reason for head pain. The two left are root canals gone wrong (which seems so unfair). The one today was a filling that split and the infection was all the way into the bone. Ugh.

I made a tasty lobster sort of bisque for dinner — thickened only with egg yolks, heavy cream. It’s really good, and I can drink it even with a sore mouth. I brought home a pint of it, and am working to get that down, since it’s the only thing I’ve eaten today.

It’s funny — I thought giving up wine in the evenings was going to be hard, and I’m rarely even having a glass, even if I pour it. I’m sure the nausea is a part of it, but I’ve got a bottle of my favorite wine open and it’s going to go bad because I’m not drinking it at all.

I’m off to bed any second now. Can’t keep my eyes open.

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