Lobster and spinach

Lobster and spinach Seriously, this diet way of eating is amazing. This was dinner — lobster and creamed spinach with bacon. I only ate about a quarter of that, but it was absolutely delicious. Lili is enjoying having a personal chef. 🙂 I am officially down 10 pounds since I started the diet on 5/31. It is so easy for me to get obsessed about the scale (so many years of being very heavy), so I’m only allowing myself to step on it once a day. In Marlow, it got so bad that Frank insisted the scale live in the trunk of my car and only came out once a week. (But then I lived almost 20 years as a size 10.) I’m really fighting those stupid impulses, and it totally doesn’t help that I’m so sick to my stomach all the time. Eating is literally the last thing on my mind.

They harvested honey here yesterday, and some of the bees got seriously pissed off. I got stung twice, but only one of them reacted. I’ve got a nice fist sized welt on my leg that itches so much. I’ll take Benadryl tonight and hopefully kick it, but the last thing I need today is something else to make me sleep.

I’m having one of those days where I’m dizzy and lightheaded constantly. I know not eating can’t help that, but even if I eat a bit, I can’t seem to knock it today, so I’m sticking close to the house. Chandra keeps looking at me like it’s time to go for a walk! But I don’t think it would be a good idea today.

Spoke to both Frank and Jeremy today, and texted with Valerie. Frank’s got two boxes scheduled to be delivered on Monday, and I’m looking forward to them. And Jeremy is scheduled for a visit mid-July, which is going to be awesome.

Lili did some reading of the fine print in my Hawaii insurance, and it specifically states that if a service can’t be provided here, they will find where it is, and also pay for the airfare to get there, as well as lodging. What a relief. The policy I had in Missouri would not pay for anything out of state unless it was an ER visit.

So now I just have to find someone who can remove this thing, or this keto diet really needs to shrink it.

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